Insane Healthy Gluten-free Pancakes

Insane Healthy Gluten-free Pancakes_DSC8777

Social media is an amazing thing.  Creative people are able to easily share their creations and others are easily capable of finding, trying, and being inspired by those creations.  We ran across this recipe on Facebook and had to try it!  The simplicity is amazing! Whoever thought of this deserves much praise and we wanted to continue sharing it with the digital world because it certainly deserves the Insane title!

What You’ll Need:

-2 Bananas
-3 Eggs
-Ground cinnamon (optional)
-Vanilla Extract (optional)



Mash up the bananas and mix in the eggs. We added cinnamon and vanilla extract but it’s not necessary.



Pour onto a hot griddle and cook until slightly browned on both sides.


Yes… It really is that incredibly simple and Insanely good!




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